Imlan – essential ingredients only

Imlan is the medical first skin care series with the active ingredient betulin, which is what makes Imlan so unique. The natural active ingredient betulin from bark of the white birch tree binds itself to high-quality oil and water to create the patented betulin emulsion. So Imlan doesn’t need any additives: no emulsifiers, no preservatives, no fragrances, no colourants, no paraffin, no lanolin. This makes Imlan especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin and it is also recommended in the basic skin care of atopoc dermatitis and psoriasis. Scientific studies substantiate Imlan’s positive effects and very good tolerability.

Imlan – everything that dry, sensitive or allergic skin needs

Dry skin often reacts sensitively and appears rough, flaky and dull, as well as lacking elasticity. The subjective sensations of dry skin include feelings of tightness and itchiness. The causes of dry skin are many and varied, and can be either genetic or acquired. Dry skin is a skin condition in which the skin lacks both lipids and moisture. This deficiency mainly affects the outermost layer of skin (stratum corneum), which is the part of the skin which acts as a barrier. The lack of protection leads to an increased loss of moisture and makes it easier for foreign substances to penetrate the skin. This increases the risk of allergies and inflammation.

Imlan nourishes and protects dry and allergic skin in two ways. Firstly, through the natural ingredients and regenerating effects of betulin, and secondly, because it contains no additives or irritants. With each application, Imlan supplies the skin with beneficial lipids and immediately protects it against the loss of moisture. The natural active ingredient betulin has a regenerative anti-inflammatory effect and relieves itching. Applying Imlan regularly encourages epidermis regeneration, boosting the natural ability of skin to act as a barrier. The improvement to the appearance of the skin can be seen and felt.
So balance is restored to the skin.

Imlan – medical skin care completely free of additives and irritants

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