Amryt AG

Imlan is the first medicinal skin care range with the natural active ingredient betulin from the white layer of birch bark. Betulin was researched and characterised some 220 years ago by chemist Johann Tobias Lowitz, but its very low solubility in water and oil and the great cost and effort involved in its isolation prevented industrial usage. For Amryt AG, the discovery and patenting of betulin emulsion was the crucial impetus for driving forward the development of suitable extraction methods and applications.

Betulin developer

Dr. rer. nat. Armin Scheffler was the scientist responsible for producing betulin emulsion for the first time and recognising the value of this discovery. He developed a special extraction process, optimised the stabilising properties of betulin and, working together with universities and dermatologists, helped to establish the type of emulsion and the effect of betulin on the skin.

Betulin - sustainable and good for the environment

Betulin is a chemically unmodified substance of plant origin. The high concentration in the outer birch bark (22% on average) and the use of birch forests in the northern hemisphere for wood pulp and veneer ensure the availability of betulin in sustainably sufficient quantities. The betulin used by Amryt AG is extracted solely from bark which has been peeled from birch trees used for these purposes and which would otherwise be discarded for burning. New birch trees are constantly being planted to replenish the forests. Thanks to its property of binding beneficial oils and water to make a stable emulsion, betulin has the potential to replace thousands of tonnes of synthetic emulsifiers which are used in the cosmetics industry and released into the environment.

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