Imlan Studien

The compatibility of Imlan skin care products

The available study results confirm that all Imlan products tested have very good skin tolerance. Due to the absence of emulsifiers, preservatives and fragrances and dyes, the Imlan care series is particularly suitable for the care of dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Protective effects of Imlan Creme Pur

The available studies show that Imlan Creme Pur hydrates the skin with regular use and protects it from irritation and dehydration. The protective effects can be attributed on the one hand to the regenerating properties of the natural active ingredient betulin and on the other hand to the complete elimination of all irritants and additives in the betulin emulsion.

Regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects of Imlan Creme Pur and Creme Plus with impaired epidermal barrier function.

The available studies show that the Imlan Creme Pur and the Imlan Creme Plus are very suitable for the care and protection of dry and sensitive skin with a disrupted skin barrier. The use of Imlan creams both regenerates the damaged skin barrier and reduces inflammation in the epidermis.

Patch test with Betulincreme Pur in 101 test persons with different allergic symptoms

As part of this practice observation, a completely new topical application with betulin was tested for its allergenic potential in 101 allergy sufferers. A patch test with pure betulin cream was carried out on all subjects. None showed an allergic reaction. This shows the outstanding tolerance of the pure Betulin cream and classifies it as non-allergenic.