What is Betulin?

Betulin is an extract from bark of the white birch tree, which has been known since the 18th century and is chemically defined. Betulin was discovered by German-Russian chemist Johann Tobias Lowitz. He was the first scientist to study and characterise betulin, and in doing was one of the first to isolate an active plant ingredient.

Betulin is a substance of pure plant origin that gives the birch bark its typical white colour. Betulin protects birch trees from environmental effects, such as extreme temperatures, pest infestations and solar radiation.

The properties of betulin

In numerous scientific studies, the natural active ingredient betulin has been found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerating properties.These properties of betulin make its use in skin care only logical. However, betulin’s insolubility in water and low solubility in oil precluded its use until recently. Amryt AG create a patented process for extracting high-quality betulin from birch bark. Amryt's betulin binds to skin nourishing oil and water to make a stable emulsion, the patented betulin emulsion. This unique water-in-oil emulsion does not use any emulsifiers, preservatives, colourants, lanolin or paraffin. This is an innovation in skin care.    

Betulin is completely harmless for people allergic to birch pollen, as the responsible allergens from birchs pollen ar not present in birch bark.

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